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The macro lens lets us see the not immediate fluff, or hair that covers the back of the leaves and the more subtle stubble on the front of them. From touching them, you don’t get a sense of this texture, but you do get a rustling sound from stroking them back and forth.

There is a pattern of hard lines/ ridges that go in deep on the front of the leaf and stick out on the back. Of course there is the obvious ‘veining’ pattern as well.

The leaves are monochromatic, each being a different shade of green.

The contrast between the larger leaf and the smaller one.

In images 2, 3 and 4 I am looking at the form of the leaf and the smooth curved lines that contrast well with the hard ridges.

The shadows in 2 and 3 give ideas for new forms and lines. The neutral black of the shadows contrasting with the shaded green hues.

Adjusting the contrast of 2 gives a more defined shape, and allows us to see in more detail the veining, the hard lines stand out for us more and the shading and tone of the leaf is more vivid.

And by adjusting the saturation and contrast of 2 we can see defined shading of the monochromatic colour.

I like the idea of reflecting the form of the larger, curved leaf, giving a new form from the negative space.

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